Herpes Medication Cost

Valtrex is a widely known medication for herpes, and this drug is one of the more cost effective options. This drug costs from approximately $1-$2 per 500mg pill, while the name brand version will cost you $3-5 per 500mg pill. Thousand milligram pills may run a dollar or two for generic and three to five dollars for name brand Valtrex as well.

Zovirax is another drug that can treat and suppress a herpes infection. The name brand form of this drug can cost around $250-$300 for a seven day course of treatment. This cost is for thirty five pills at eight hundred milligrams each, costing about eight dollars each. The generic form of this medication costs around three to four dollars a pill for eight hundred milligrams. This medication is one of the most commonly prescribed because it is one of the cheapest concerning anti-viral medications. For two hundred milligram pills, the name brand cost is about three to five dollars a pill, and the generic cost is around one dollar or less. Four hundred milligram pills will run you around one and a half to two dollars each for name brand or one dollar or less for generic.

Rebetol is a newer anti-viral medication that can be used to help treat the herpes infections, as well as many other viral infections. This medication can be quite expensive, even for the generic brand. At a cost of around $9 per pill for 200mg, this drug can cost hundreds of dollars each month. The generic version can cost around four to five dollars a pill for one hundred milligrams and around seven dollars for two hundred milligrams. Because Rebetol is a newer herpes medication the price has not fallen significantly yet.

Famvir, also known as Famciclovir, is also a newer option, and the costs of this drug show it. For a ninety pill supply of name brand 500mg pills, which can be a thirty day supply for some patients with herpes, this medication can cost over $1000. For sixty pills of the name brand drug, the cost is around three hundred and fifty to four hundred dollars, while the same quantity and strength for the generic drug can cost seven hundred dollars or more. For thirty pills at five hundred milligrams, the name brand cost is around three hundred and eighty dollars, and the generic version is about one hundred and eighty dollars.

Denavir, also called penciclovir, is a herpes medication that is available in cream form. Currently there is no generic form, and this medication can cost from $40-$90 a tube, for a two gram tube that contains one percent of the active drug. Because there is no generic equivalent yet, this cream can be quite expensive.

Where you buy your medications and if there is a generic form available will both play a large part in how much the medication will cost. Many legitimate online pharmacies offer high quality medications for a much lower price than traditional pharmacies, letting you get the herpes medications you need for a much lower cost.